Denver H2R

single-stream recycling

*This information applies to the Denver site only

1. Each bag of singe stream recycling is a fee of $3.00. There are additional fees for cardboard.

2. Single-stream can only be dropped

off in one of these reusable bags

3. Reusable bags can be purchased at

our center for $2 each

4. You can bring back your reusable bag

to our center over and over again


We will not accept more than one car load of cardboard per customer, per day.

* The first 10 boxes are included in your entrance fee

* 11-25 boxes : $5 fee

* 26-50 boxes : $10 fee

* 51-75 boxes : $15 fee

* 76-100 boxes : $20 fee

*for loads larger than 100 boxes please call for pricing.


We will not accept more than one car load of styrofoam per customer, per day.

* 1/2 super sack = $4

* 1 full super sack = $8.

Super sacks measure

4' x 4' x 4'

The following material does NOT need to be sorted into categories. It can be co-mingled in your bags.