You can now compost with us!‚Äč
Bring your kitchen scraps, non-recyclable paper products and small plants to our ARVADA site for easy, affordable drop-off at our zero waste center

Pricing & Rules

Our compost area is SELF SERVICE due to Covid safety concerns. Upon arriving at the site, empty compost in designated bin and place fee in money box next to bin

There is a $2 fee to drop-off up to 5 gallons of compost.

*This $2 fee is separate from the $2 entrance fee that covers common recycling & hard-to-       recycle. You do NOT need to pay the entrance fee to bring compost.

Compostable Materials

Fruit & veggie scraps


Breads, Cookies

Baked goods

Pastas, grains

Meat, Fish

Poultry, Eggs

Paper egg cartons,

Napkins, Tissues

Candy, Sugar

Coffee, Beans, Filters

Loose tea


Small house plants

Corn based cups,

Plant based silverware


Branches, bushes

Rocks, soil

Plastic bags/film

Food handler's gloves

Paper plates with plastic coating

Paper towels with chemical 

   cleaning products on them

Plastic containers

Plastic silverware

Plastic wrap


Foil & metals

Metal staples on tea bags