Common Recycling

​"Common recyclables" are the recyclable items that you use
everyday, such as glass bottles, office paper, cardboard, and some plastics.
These materials must be pre-sorted before arrive at our site.
Why do we ask you to sort? 

The labor and technology costs of handling mixed recycling (single stream) have risen to a level that has made sorting materials financially unsustainable for our business.

We are dedicated to continuing to offer a resource to our customers who are willing to sort their "common recycling" materials into separated categories. This change has already been made at several other CO drop off sites, and is a industry-wide trend that is a necessity to continue to offer affordable recycling options. 
Given the changing international and domestic markets, recycling costs us money. In order to keep this site operating as a valuable resource to the Arvada and surrounding communities, we must continue to charge a small fee to cover our recycling and labor costs.

Pricing & Rules

Our common recycling area is now SELF SERVICE due to Covid safety concerns. Upon arriving at the site, place SORTED materials in correct collection bins.  

We also ask that you place your fee in our outdoor fee collection boxes to minimize our staff's contact with the public. To help this process run smoothly, please bring exact cash to your appointment. If you do not have cash, we can accept credit cards.


We charge a $2 entrance fee to drop-off common recycling

$2 entrance fee covers two trash bags worth of common recycling, 10 cardboard boxes & many hard-2-recycle items

We have a limit of TWENTY cardboard boxes per customer, per day.

This is covered in the $2 entrance fee

Compost drop-off is a separate $2 fee


Please separate materials into the following categories before arriving at our Arvada drop off site:

(must be separated)


20 box max

Wrapping paper okay-