Compostable Materials

A note on COMPOSTABLE BAGS:  While we are able to accept them, our compost stream is much cleaner without them. We ask that you use them sparingly.

Comspostable and biodegradable bags are not the same thing.

We DO NOT accept biodegradable bags.

Fruit & veggie scraps


Breads, Cookies

Baked goods

Paper egg cartons,

Napkins, Tissues

Flowers (bouquets),

Small house plants

Meat, Fish

Poultry, Eggs

Candy, Sugar

Pastas, grains, rice, beans, nuts, seeds

Coffee, Beans, Filters

Loose tea

Corn based cups,

Plant based silverware


Plastic containers

Plastic silverware

Plastic wrap

Plastic bags/film

Food handler's gloves

Paper plates with plastic coating

Paper towels with chemical 

   cleaning products on them

Biodegradable bags

Branches, bushes

Yard leaves/flowers

Rocks, soil

Animal waste

Kitty litter


Foil & metals

Metal staples on tea bags