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What can I recycle with SustainAbility?

Anything with a cord or a battery! We use the most ethical & sustainable practices possible to disassemble & recycle your electronics, right here in Colorado.

Items consisting of unusual materials that cannot

be processed along with regular recycling.

We accept 20+ hard-to-recycle materials at our Arvada

drop-off site.

Traditional materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastics & metal cans. These items MUST be separated into categories before arriving at our drop-off site. 

Drop-off at our Arvada site, or sign up for residential pickup services. We accept food scraps, non-recyclable paper products and small plants/flowers.

"Reuse" items are materials that we collect to donate to our partners. They are things that are not typically recyclable, but can be put to use by various organizations, charities, makers and artists.

How can I recycle with SustainAbility?





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